Monday, December 17, 2007

Best Fishing holiday spots

If you've spent lot of time and tired of the French ponds and are fed up with UK 'holes with an island' it's better to try some proper fishing where the fish act naturally and don't hang around waiting for anglers to supply their food. Think you know everything about fishing ? You are wrong ...... this place provides challenges that we will not find in Europe and Kerr is full of fish in a large varieties from a few ounces to well over 100lbs. Whether we are into match angling, Carp or predators, come and try this place. we'll wonder why we ever spent money going to France or anywhere else for our fishing holiday. This place is really remarkable either from the bankside or off the side of a boat, every single day is different.

Beautiful Fishing Holidays

We could spend a lifetime at Kerr and still never explore all the nooks and crannies let alone fish the wide variety of habitats. This vast expanses resemble sea fishing while the calm, hidden creeks are like small lakes and rivers. Whatever method of fishing we favour there is something for everyone. Toss a light float into the margins or cast a 4oz lead to the horizon, this place will continually surprise us and test our skills to the limit.